Our Mission:​

To Support the District in the creation of meaningful programs, in addressing facility limitations, and in filling the resource gap between funding and learning.  

Our Vision

To provide opportunities for enhanced learning.  

Our Goals:

​1. Expand and support educational excellence.
2. Partner with the community.
3. Build the endowment.

Why Should I Contribute

The Foundation provides opportunities for employers and students that are not provided for by public tax dollars. Foundations are able to offer increased learning opportunities and educational experiences that a school district may not ordinarily fund or had to discontinue funding. The Foundation supports district goals and enhances the learning experience in the classroom and beyond. Your support is imperative to the success and development of the Foundation.

  • Gifts in Appreciation of Someone

  • Gifts in Honor of Someone

  • Individual or Business Gifts

  • Planned Giving

  • Memorial Gifts

  • Real Estate Gifts

  • Stock and Bond Transfers

  • Other

The Foundation is a 501 C (3) Organization.
Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.
Checks may be made payable to:
Sheldon/Milford Area Education Foundation
208 S. Chicago
P.O. Box 304
Milford, IL 60953

Ways to Contribute

Members of the Board of Control

Bruce Crist - President
Michelle Schoolman - Secretary/Treasurer

Craig Cheever

Bill Decker

Dick Gooding

Craig Luke

Tim McEwen
Mary Ronna

Sarah Swatzentruber

Money can be donated or bequeathed; real property can also be donated or bequeathed.

You can contact the Foundation by calling the Milford Public Schools District Office at 815-889-5176, e-mailing us at, or by using the following address:

Milford Public Schools
Education Foundation
P.O. Box 304
208 S. Chicago
Milford, IL 60953

Grant Projects

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