Child Only Grant- Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)

-Provides financial assistance in the form of cash to help families care for children who need help

-Call of go the link below to find out more and apply for the grant

Contact Info:



Low- Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

-Financial assistance in paying energy/gas bills 

-Qualifications based on income level and sometimes age/disability. Call for more information and to set up an appointment

Gilman Center

210 North Central, Gilman, IL 60938

(815) 265-4685

Paxton Office

1195 E. Pells, Paxton, IL 60957

(217) 379-3863

Danville Office

(217) 554-9110- Services


State Disconnection Policies for Utility Shut Off

(Mostly pertaining to electrical: heat in the winter and air in the summer)


Protection Dates: December 1- March 31 and Summer Months

Temperatures: 32°F and below or 95°F and above

Seasonal Policy: Total ban when <32°F. Utilities must offer payment plan of 10% down payment and equalized billing over the next 4 to 12 months. In summer months public utilities cannot turn off gas or electricity when it is the sole power source for the cooling if the forecast for the following 24 hours includes temperature at or above 95°F;  includes master-meter buildings.

Other: LIHEAP beneficiaries with outstanding balances of less than $3,000 will pay the lesser value of $250 or 20 percent of their remaining balance to reactivate service. 30 day delay if physician certifies that disconnect would adversely affect the health of a household member. Customer is expected to enter into a payment plan.

Deferred Payments: Utility cannot disconnect during protection dates unless it has offered a deferred payment plan and informed the customer of available energy assistance funds.

Contact Info:

PUC/PSC Contacts: 800-524-0795 or 217-782-2024 (outside Illinois)

TTY: 800-858-9277

Complaint form:


More information on Energy Assistance Qualifications and How to Apply:

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