Superintendent Corner

Superintendent Corner
Posted on 01/04/2021
Christmas Be the Light

A new year has brought about new hopes and challenges.  We hope that as MAPS #124 begins the second semester, our students can begin to feel a renewed sense of purpose and demonstrate grit in finishing the school year strong!  The past year has been challenging and returning to school during the cold winter months will hopefully bring warmth as vaccine rollouts continue and leaders make much needed decisions towards the new normal of 2021.  We all want to get back to activities, clubs, and sports.  I am no exception to that yearning for purpose.   “Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.” – Robert H. Schuller

January 5th marks the return to face-to-face learning.  We are so excited to have our students back and share in their growth, leading to accomplishments!  As communicated on December 18th via school messenger to students and families, full remote learning will be offered to students if the following criteria apply: 

○ Student participated in full remote learning Fall 2020

○ Student passed all classes they participated in during full remote learning first semester

○ Student does not have an individualized education plan 

○ Quarantined students will participate in real-time remote learning with their MAPS teachers, just as practiced first semester 2020

A few new things are happening at MAPS in the new year.  Take a moment to browse our new website at, and a new mobile app will be coming soon!  The property between the District Office and the High School building on Chicago Street will be leveled creating a bit of a new landscape.  The purpose of this green space will be determined later as needs of our students and District arise.  Another change to the landscape is removal of a very large tree near the NW corner of the Grade School.  The tree was hanging over the JH wing, and we are excited to provide a more open area for students to learn and play.  A few other painting and cleanup projects took place over Christmas break, and we are grateful to our custodial and maintenance staff for all their hard work!

Below is a graph of our COVID-19 statistics over time.  It is my hope that soon this data tracking will become unnecessary, but until that time I am dedicated to transparency and keeping the community up to date. 

MAPS COVID-19 Stats over time

May 2021 be a year of hope and prosperity for all!