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Section 7:  Students
Assignment and Admission
7:50     School Admissions and Student Transfers To and From Non-
            District Schools
7:40     Nonpublic School Students, Including Parochial and Home-
             Schooled Students
7:60     Residence
7:70    Attendance and Truancy
7:80    Release Time for Religious Instruction/Observance
7:90    Release During School Hours
7:100  Health, Eye, and Dental Examinations; Immunizations; and   Exclusion of Students
Rights and Responsibilities
7:130  Student Rights and Responsibilities
7:140  Search and Seizure
7:150  Agency and Police Interviews
7:160  Student Appearance
7:165  School Uniforms
7:180  Prevention of and Response to Bullying, Intimidation, and
7:185  Teen Dating Violence Prohibited
7:190  Student Behavior
7:200  Suspension Procedures
7:210  Expulsion Procedures
7:220  Bus Conduct
7:230  Misconduct by Students with Disabilities
7:240  Conduct Code for Participants in Extracurricular Activities
Welfare Services
7:250  Student Support Services
7:260  Exemption from Physical Education
7:270  Administering Medicines to Students
7:275  Orders to Forgo Life-Sustaining Treatment
7:280  Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease
7:285  Food Allergy Management Program
7:290  Suicide and Depression Awareness and Prevention
7:300  Extracurricular Athletics
7:305  Student Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries
7:310  Restrictions on Publications; Elementary Schools
7:315  Restrictions on Publications; High School
7:325  Student Fundraising Activities
7:330  Student Use of Buildings - Equal Access
7:340  Student Records

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